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With the hometown premiere approaching, we were able to appear on various podcasts promoting the film. Some sillier than others.

TOTAL REBOOT with Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos

Total Reboot is a podcast hosted by comedians Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos who look at reboots, sequels and ripoffs. Imogen and Béatrice both appeared on the Total Reboot podcast to talk about the new rebooted Disney movie, Aladdin.

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Jason Di Rosso interviews Sequin in a Blue Room and Suburban Wildlife directors Samuel Van Grinsven and Imogen McCluskey.

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Imogen appears on the podcast to talk about the film and what it's like making a film when you're young and have no money. "Throughout the poddy, Imogen gets increasingly passionate about the current state of the film industry, why we need to put a pause on Australian movies with an angry male lead (amen sistah) and the challenges of being a new director in the midst of a digital revolution." -

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